About Us

Dan Anton – CEO


Dan is the CEO of Facebook Ads PPC. He is responsible for the vision and future of the company. As a retired, Army Infantry Ranger Major, Dan has served 2 tours in Iraq where he received the Bronze star for bravery in combat. Dan continues to innovate new ideas and works closely with Matt and the rest of the team to ensure we are always providing a valuable service at a fair price. Currently residing in Georgia, Dan enjoys working out, movies, softball, and staying social within the community.

Matt Anton – COO

Matt is the COO of Facebook Ads PPC. He is responsible for the day to day operations, including communication with project managers (and clients) to ensure campaigns are running correctly.  Matt also makes informative videos and case studies on various Online Marketing related topics. Currently residing in NJ, Matt enjoys reading, exercising, softball, and eating his wife’s cooking.